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Graduating with a Fine Art Degree from the Falmouth College of Art (1992), British born artist Janet Howell works as a visual artist and illustrator. She enjoys a successful career as an international teacher of Visual Art working in British and International schools in Sri Lanka, Brunei, Vietnam, and Switzerland.


Publisher and co-founder of the Perera-Hussein Publishing House, Sam Perera has an enduring fascination for folk tales, myth, and legend. He enjoys researching and retelling these stories to children and adults.

Close to a jungle, when night falls and stars come out, you may hear the plaintive crying of a Jackal. Don't be afraid, he will not hurt you. Come, I will tell you his story....


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ISBN 978-624-5825-02-8
RS. 1,200
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Shehan Karunatilaka is the award- winning author of Chinaman: The Legend of Pradeep Mathew. He enjoys putting pencils, fingernails and guitar picks in his mouth

Lalith Karunatilaka is a younger brother, ad-man and lapsed architect. He likes putting doggie biscuits, paintbrushes and his spectacles in his mouth.

Baby Baba wants to put everything he sees into his mouth. The doll, the keys,a fork, a shoe - even a pink balloon!

What is Akki to do? She is tired of telling him, 'Please don't put that in your mouth.' Then Mama has the perfect solution and both Baby and Akki are happy.

Please Don't Put That In Your Mouth is a funny, rhyming book about babies and all the mischief they can do!

Illustrated by Lalith Karunatilaka

ISBN 978-93-88874-24-3
RS. 1,750
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Faith Ratnayake, Neluka Silva, Simon Harris, Rossana Favero-Karunaratne, Gavitha Ganesan, Premini Amerasinghe, Chandini Kirinde, Lal Medawattegedera, Lolita Subasinghe

Journey to a strange village and learn the secret of their hats or travel in time to towns in Sri Lanka with a genii. Read about the dilemma of a cat that is forbidden to hunt or dream about building an aeroplane that will fly over golden paddy fields. In this collection MilkRice enthusiastically presents nine stories for children from new and established writers.

'Like kiributh, that favourite of the children's festive table, the stories assembled here present a feast that is not only delicious but sustaining. The next time you need to buy gifts for bright, intelligent young friends, forget about Barbie dolls and computer games. Give them Milk Rice' – Yasmine Gooneratne

ISBN 978-955-8897-16-4
Author Faith Ratnayake, Neluka Silva, Simon Harris, Rossana Favero-Karunaratne, Gavitha Ganesan, Premini Amerasinghe, Chandini Kirinde, Lal Medawattegedera, Lolita Subasinghe
RS. 1,200
425 In Stock
Pages: 94
Published by: Popsicle Books

Chitra Fernando was a lecturer in linguistics and writer of short stories and children's literature. The Firebird is a story that she wrote for the children of a friend.

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An enchanted Firebird. A lost sister. And a brother who goes to bring her back.

Nalinika and Indrajit lived quiet little lives with their pets. Every evening, they would listen spellbound to Podihami weave tales of ogres, cobra kings, and a Firebird who enchants a princess. But one day, Nalinika disappears, and Indrajit is convinced she has been taken to the land of the Firebird, never to return.

Thus begins a one-thing-leads-to-another adventure of a lifetime and a desperate search for his sister, where Indrajit hopes that a miracle just might happen.

Brought to life with beautiful illustrations by Panchali Ellepola, The Firebird is a story of a brother's love that conquers all obstacles that cross his path.

ISBN 978-955-0041-11-4
Author Chitra Fernando
RS. 400
102 In Stock
Pages: 76
Published by: Popsicle Books

Prashani Rambukwella's first book, Mythil's Secret, won the 2009 Gratiaen Prize, thrilling readers both young and old with its originality, fast pace and authentic Sri Lankan voice. A corporate writer by profession, Prashani is a poet and playwright but is happiest when writing stories for children.

The exciting sequel to Mythil's Secret

Mythil must put aside his problems with a school bully when his secret friend Asiri suddenly regains a part of his memory. But is Asiri's fantastic story from wartime Ceylon a figment of Mythil's imagination or did it really happen? Can Mythil use what he has learned on Asiri's Quest to overcome his problems at school? Join Mythil and Asiri on another spine-chilling, time-travelling adventure to find out!

Mythil's Secret is that rare thing in children's fiction - a work that discusses both adult and children's issues equally well... Yet, what takes Mythil's Secret beyond much children's literature, and where it really succeeds, is in its willingness to address the strengths, weaknesses and responsibilities of grown-ups, too, especially in relation to kids.
CHA, an Asian Literary Journal

Approved by the Ministry of Education

ISBN 978-955-0041-03-9
Author Prashani Rambukwella
RS. 550
25 In Stock
Pages: 184
Published by: Popsicle Books
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