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Shehahi Gomes gave up her degree in Law after a short spell as a journalist. She is now an investment analyst by profession and lives and works in Colombo. This is her first novel.

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Shortlisted for the Gratiaen Prize in 2005; Long listed for the Dublin Impac Prize in 2010

Do you remember when you first fell in love? Do you remember the unrestrained joys and plummeting sorrows of adolescence? Do you remember the confrontation that each new day brought? Enter Kala's life. This sensitive novel about first love and heart break is a complex bitter sweet coming of age story that looks at the modern urban Sri Lankan youth in a new and fresh way. Shehani Gomes navigates us through the perilous and uncharted waters of the young adult, in her exceptionally perceptive debut novel that takes an honest look at a young woman's challenges and triumphs in life.

'If all this outpouring of her creativity found form in a first novel, one hopes for more writing in print from Shehani' – Lakmali Gunwardana

'The book is honest and alive, and its voice, Gomes's voice, is as confident as any young female writer I have read recently...Learning to Fly is more than brave in its formal experimentation. But its strange and, sometimes, difficult structure is not simply an exercise in avant-garde literary practice, but a form that allows the content, the messiness of the protagonist's struggle, to become themselves amidst death and conflict and discrimination, to mirror the novel's setting's own troubled journey towards selfhood' – Vincent Poturica

'Definitely not your average adolescent love story. Shehani Gomes' debut novel- Learning to Fly, having been nominated for the Gratiaen Award of 2005, takes a look into the darker, less explored aspect of adolescence and first love...Shehani's unique writing style complements the way in which characters have been brought to life...She not only grips the reader but makes the reader think, analyze, re-read and analyze again, making her debut novel a very stimulating read- one which brings us to hope for more from her in the very near future' – Tahnee Hopman

ISBN 978-955-8897-15-7
Author Shehani Gomes
RS. 600
RS. 300
Pages: 183
Published by: Perera Hussein Publishing House

Compiled and edited by Ameena Hussein, these stories are authored by: Afdhel Aziz, Nanda Wanasundera, Sanjaya Senanayake, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Asgar Hussein, Pia Sonderegger, Ameena Hussein, Alexandra Harris and Devika Brendon.

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Uh-oh, here comes trouble in all its shapes and forms.

First, there is the scarecrow who wants to see the world and finds more than he bargained for. Then, there is Frederico who is crazy about cricket but has a small problem to solve before he can play. What about Minnie who dreams of being a spy? And I can't even tell you enough about the blue stone should you find it, or the Blink Fairy or the Chena Cultivator. Oh dear! Don't get me started.

Approved by the Ministry of Education

ISBN 978-955-0041-05-3
Author Ameena Hussein
RS. 400
RS. 200
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Pages: 104
Published by: Popsicle Books

Asitha Ameresekere was brainwashed by Greek myth from an early age and has studied Classics ever since. At various points in his life, he has been a teacher, librarian and chef, but has always made films in his spare time. He is the recipient of a BAFTA award for his film Do not Erase. He currently lives in London.

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BAFTA award-winning film maker Asitha Ameresekere brings his extraordinary talents to the page with his startling, thought provoking and tender offering of stories.

Shakespeare has a writing block and Medusa just doesn't like her hairstyle – of course! BAFTA award-winning film maker Asitha Ameresekere brings his extraordinary talents to the page with his startling, thought provoking and tender offering of stories. Incredibly charming and beautifully written with a balance of pathos and humour, Ameresekere shows us that a chance encounter, a hidden revelation, or even an angel could reconfigure the world. Ameresekere reveals the idisocyincrasies and odd logic that rule our lives, making this stunning debut the work of a writer with a spectacularly original and compelling voice.

'Ameresekere's consummate awareness of what makes a good story, his quirky sense of humour, and his ability to supply many points of view in the telling-including that of a dog-disclose a complex literary sensibility that belies his neophyte status as a writer' – Professor S W Perera

'Ameresekere is incomparable to any other Sri Lankan author to be published in recent years. His stories are bound to appeal to local as well as international readers not only because they are set in a wide array of places, but because Ameresekere chooses his narrative style to harmonize with the place and culture he is representing, a trait seldom seen in other contemporary writers. For Sri Lankan fiction fans and short story lovers alike, Wedding Gifts and Other Presents will not fail to entertain, amuse and surprise with its unique entourage of characters humorous twists of fate' – Chalani Ranwala

ISBN 978-955-8897-14-0
Author Asitha Ameresekere
RS. 490
RS. 245
97 In Stock
Pages: 130
Published by: Perera Hussein Publishing House