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 The April 21st Consensus' marks a landmark in senior journalist Lynn Ockersz's years-long poetic journey. It's a penetrating mirror to our times. 

ISBN 9789559433774
Author Lynn Ockersz
RS. 450
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The saga of a young lad from Wattegama who joined the Sri Lanka Navy during the tense days of the conflict between the Government Forces and the terrorist L.T.T.E. In spite of the seriousness of war it unravels the innocence of youth and the inborn heroism of a Naval recruit in the defence of his country's sovereignty and territorial integrity which is portrayed in simple terms with no extravagant claims.

ISBN 9786249644304
Author Y.U Ranjit
RS. 650
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Professor Asanga Abeyagoonasekera is the Director General of the National Security Think Tank of Sri Lanka under the Ministry of Defence. 

Having celebrated its 70th year of independence in 2018, Sri Lanka, a strategically-positioned island nation, now finds itself with the potential to be a super connector in fast-developing Asia. While carving out a place for itself in the international arena, Sri Lanka has simultaneously had to look inwards to recover and rebuild its potential, bruised by an era of colonial rule and nearly 30 years of a civil war, with two youth insurrections. 

This book examines these twin dimensions. First, how Sri Lanka is negotiating its international reach and the spheres of influence that extend from other Asian and world powers, and second, how the country is engaging in nation-building, from days of racial riots to ones of peace-building, reconciliation, more robust governance, and the development of cyber security. 

Written from the perspective of a Sri Lankan academic and the head of the national security think tank, this book offers insights into how the country has addressed its post-conflict as well as geopolitical challenges, navigated through domestic politics, and ramped up peace-building efforts, to now reach a junction where it can put its foot firmly on the road to prosperity in a new Asian world order.


ISBN 978-981-120-142-4
Author Asanga Abeyagoonasekera
RS. 5,000
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Pages: 200
Published by: World Scientific

Dilshan Boange has over the past decade, authored fiction, nonfiction as well as poetry. A former TV broadcaster, a features writer for Sunday Observer, and an Attorney–at–Law, he holds a BA in English (Hons.) from the University of Colombo, and is an alumnus of Sri Lanka Law College. The Last Latte is his fifth book.

What would happen to Sri Lanka if the region's two biggest nuclear and economic powers, India and China went to war? As a keen observer and insightful commentator on South Asian current affairs, Dilshan Boange writes a credible fiction woven around the dynamic region with authority and eloquence. For readers genuinely interested in how the region views India, The Last Latte is a gripping must-read!


“An intriguing and somewhat alarmingly plausible vision of a dystopian Colombo.” - Ashok Ferrey

ISBN 978-955-9433-81-1
Author Dilshan Boange
RS. 650
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Professor Asanga Abeyagoonasekera is the Director General of the National Security Think Tank of Sri Lanka under the Ministry of Defence. 

This book is a compilation of essays on several themes intended to provoke thought on and promote understanding about everyday political and social life on an island facing constant geopolitical and domestic political challenges. The themes of this book are: 4/21 Terror Attack and National Security; China, Belt and Road Initiative and Sri Lankan Foreign Policy; Geopolitics; Sustaining Democracy and Facing a Pandemic; and Domestic Political Stability, Leadership, and Economic Crime. 

Most essays have captured the domestic viewpoint from which to begin drawing a wider picture of the global geopolitical tapestry. The chapters enframe a variety of domestic political incidents, conflicts of various actors, and the conundrum of an island in the Indian Ocean, stuck in the triangular maritime power dynamics among the United States, China and India. They also examine the influences from foreign netions towards Sri Lanka's foreign policy and the dynamics of security challenges in the larger geosphere and marine sphere of South Asia and the Indian Ocean respectively. The chapters offer the reader an Olympian viewpoint of the challenges Sri Lanka faces, attempting to find connections and patterns towards greater external geopolitical influence and how it impacts domestic politics.

ISBN 978-981-122-933-6
Author Asanga Abeyagoonasekera
RS. 5,000
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