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Anoma is an alumna of Central St Martin’s College, University of the Arts, London, UK. She has exhibited extensively internationally and showed at the 58th Venice Biennale. Anoma has also exhibited at Sotheby’s Gallery, Hong Kong and her solo exhibitions have included those in London, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Colombo, Maldives and New Delhi, with group shows in Singapore, Brisbane, Dubai, Colombo, Hong Kong and London. 

Often suggestive and implied the paintings are reflections on man's existential anxieties, contemporary concerns about the human condition, and the fragile state of the planet. Working in oils, mixed media, sculpture, video and digital art, her multimedia trilingual exhibitions on Climate Emergency, Sustainability, Inclusivity and Reconciliation are themes she continues to push boundaries on.

This monograph encapsulates several decades of the artist's exhibitions on inclusivity, transformation and coexistence with man and the planet through 200 illustrations presented chronologically, describing the stylistic shifts and thematic preoccupations.

It includes a rare description of the artist's creative process and personal journey and includes insightful essays by Professor Emeritus Gananath Obeyesekere, Rosalyn d Mello, Richard Simon and Professor Emerita Jane Rapley OBE. 
The book is designed by Micha Weidmann Studios, London and printed in Singapore and is 34x26cm with 250 pages with over 200 illustrations. More on www.anomaw.com and @anomawijewardene
Author Anoma Wijewardene
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Nimanthi Perera-Rajasingham is an associate professor of English and Women's Studies at Colgate University.

Assembling Ethnicities in Neoliberal Times interprets contemporary fictions to unpack neoliberalism's entanglements with nationalism and racism during Sri Lanka's war. Perera-Rajasingham does so by theorizing ethnographic fictions, a form that has both internalized certain colonial Orientalist impulses and critically engages with categories of objective gazing, empiricism, and temporal distancing. The book explores colonial-era travel writing by Robert Knox (1681) and Leonard Woolf (1913); contemporary works by Michael Ondaatje, Romesh Gunesekera, Shobasakthi, Dharmasiri Bandaranayake, and Thamotharampillai Shanaathanan; and cultural festivals and theater, including vernacular performances of Euripides's The Trojan Women and women workers' theater.

Assembling Ethnicities in Neoliberal Times brilliantly analyzes various ethnographic fictions and state-produced narratives to show how the Sri Lankan state and the LTTE, through neoliberal policies and internationally funded and oriented structures, created and maintained ethnic divisions between Sinhalese and Tamil people to justify war. The book could be useful to scholars studying such varying topics as South Asian politics, postcolonial capitalism, South Asian literature, and ethnographic methodology.  ~ Si Sindu, author of Blue Skinned Gods

Arguing for analyses beyond singular paradigms such as majoritarianism, ethno-nationalism and ethno-racism, Nimanthi Perera-Rajasingham views Sri Lanka's ethnic and religious identities—especially how they undergird war and virulent nationalisms—through the lenses of assemblage and neoliberalism. Perera-Rajasingham deftly draws upon a range of archives, literatures, films, documentaries, and visual and theoretical material to construct a theoretical apparatus and methodology that are nuanced, sophisticated and informed by a strong grasp of existing scholarship. ~ Manav Ratti, author of The Postsecular Imagination: Postcolonialism, Religion, and Literature

Perera-Rajasingham's book is poised to make a contribution to a growing subfield of studies on neoliberalism. It will also expand the field of postcolonial studies, specifically Sri Lankan Studies, by including analyses of non-Anglophone literature and juxtaposing literary and performative works with festivals, monuments, and art. ~ Maryse Jayasuriya, author of Terror and Reconciliation: Sri Lankan Anglophone Literature, 1983-2009

ISBN 978-624-5529-04-9
Author Nimanthi Perera-Rajasingam
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Dr. Gamini Goonetilleke, a General Surgeon in Sri Lanka for four decades, as you can glean from the book; has gained wide experience in managing war injuries, both in combat zones and in hospitals elsewhere, during the three-decade-long conflict in Sri Lanka. He is the only doctor from the South to have 'crossed borders' to enter rebel-controlled territory in the North, to work at the General Hospital, Jaffna, for short periods; and also, to teach and examine students of the Faculty of Medicine, Jaffna. Gamini is also the author of the book, 'In The Line of Duty'; the life and times of a surgeon in war and peace.

"A fascinating, well illustrated book, detailing the actions of a 'brave and bold' surgeon who followed the dictum "necessity is the mother of invention," and worked under sub-optimal conditions, sometimes in hostile territory, with the sole aim of saving the lives of those injured in battle. It not only teaches the practical aspects of war surgery, but also advocates professionalism! A good read, not only for medical students and doctors but also for all avid readers, especially those interested in narrations of life-threatening episodes, and the medical support provided in caring for them." ~ Professor Sir Sabaratnam Arulkumaran Past President, British Medical Association

"The Extra Mile is a bridge of friendship in a war-torn situation in Sri Lanka, as seen through the eyes of a distinguished and empathetic surgeon, having a wealth of experience. It is not just about restoring the human body but also the healing of the greater society and the people, recounted with much suspense. The Extra Mile is a 'must-read' for anyone who wants to know more about what a patriotic surgeon can do, above and beyond his duties." ~ Prof. Ravi Goonetilleke International Author and Reviewer

"The Extra Mile is the dramatic story of this eminent surgeon's experiences across 40 years venturing far beyond the call of duty to serve in theatres of war, confronting heavy odds to save lives. Gritty yet compelling, it is profoundly moving in the lengths he has gone to, in his dedication to serve humanity, driven by his abiding faith in God. The Extra Mile is equally the story of the conflict that ripped this country apart for 30 years and the appalling misery it caused, seen first-hand through the eyes of a compassionate and caring Sri Lankan!" ~ The Sunday Times, Sri Lanka

ISBN 978-624-99167-0-8
Author Hansini Haputhanthri; Sujeewa de Silva
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The 9th Volume of Polity Magazine, Issues 1 & 2, Published by the Social Scientists' Association, Sri Lanka

ISBN 1391-822X
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A Little Learning Book About Sharing

Abhinu got a new car from his uncle, that he simply loved playing with it and hesitated to share with his friend, Ehas!

Sharing is something kids often struggle with. With this charming book, your little one can grow along with Abhinu as he learns how to share. So this book has been created to help all the children to learn how to share things with friends and siblings, so they can have positive relationship building confidence and patience.

ISBN 978-624-99277-0-4
Author Sandamali Kamalchandra Baddegama
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Published by: HyperX Publications