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Fazill Farook is an Entrepreneur, Speaker and Business Psychologist

DISCOVER THE WINNER IN YOU will disrupt your life in the most unexpected fashion! - A must read for anybody who wishes to raise the bar.

This book will explore how each person could establish their core identity, using a unique 7P model and reach world-class presence. The author Farill Farook will take you on a journey of self-discovery with tools to defy odds and unlock your full potential towards reaching the highest peak.

  • Template to build your identity and transform into a world-class brand from age 07 to70
  • Four ground-breaking avenues to discover your passion and convert into a craft
  • Understanding the process and pivotal points from steering through uncertainty to certainty
  • Why do some achieve success and others fail to sustain?
  • Tools and techniques to promote and elevate your winning profile
  • The negative pill of early fame and remedies to overcome
ISBN 978-955-38812-0-5
Author Farill Farook
RS. 1,500
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Shehan Karunatilaka is a Sri Lankan writer. He grew up in Colombo, studied in New Zealand and has lived and worked in London, Amsterdam and Singapore

Unpleasant truths await a Sri Lankan president in the back of a London cab. An advertising agency has to come to terms with a blown-up collection of pictures of its employees' penises. A man presumed missing, quietly journals by the sea. A being dispassionately recalls the numerous births it had taken and absurd fates it had to endure. An Englishman, a Dutchman and a Portuguese man walk into a Ceylon bar with grand narcotic designs.

A masterful blend of dry wit, morbid charm and earnest observations, Booker-shortlisted author Shehan Karunatilaka's The Birth Lottery and Other Surprises is a collection of fantastic short stories that serves up fantasies for both doomsday and everyday, marking the return of one of South Asia's most compelling storytellers.


Praise for Shehan Karunatilaka

"As close to a masterpiece as anything to have come out of South Asia in recent years"  ~ India Today on Chinaman

"Fizzles with energy, imagery, and ideas against a broad, surreal vision of the Sri Lankan civil wars. Slyly, angrily comic." ~ The 2022 Booker Prize Jury on The Seven Moons of Maali Almeida

"It is entirely possible that the Great Sri Lankan novel has been written..." ~ Shashi Tharoor on Chinaman


ISBN 978-93-93701-21-3
Author Shehan Karunatilaka
RS. 3,600
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Rukshani Weerasooriya Wijemanne is a corporate lawyer turned stay-at-home amma of two little girls, one of whom was born during the lockdowns of 2020.
Both her girls love a good Seeni Bunis.
Children in Sri Lanka have had a taste of some especially horrible things in the recent past.: terror attacks, curfews, power cuts, school disruptions, food shortages, violence and epic political letdowns to name just a few. And yet, in the midst of it all, an unlikely hero has emerged - the neigbourhood Choon Paan Man! He has magically shown up, no matter what, every day, just in time for tea. His freshly baked Gnanakatha and Kimbula bunis have seen whole communities through. Could the Choon Paan Man be our very own Santa? 
Mr Choon Paan is a humble tribute to this local legend.
"Appealing, Insightful" - Wendy Holsinger
"Beautifully captures the reality of what our kids have been going through" - Ranjula Mendis
"A delicious read, bound to make any Sri Lankan nostalgic" ~ Samantha Van Eyck, founder, Jellybean Foundation
ISBN 978-624-99563-0-8
Author Rukshani Weerasooriya Wijemannne
RS. 1,600
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Jeremy Muller grew up in Kandy, is an author and publisher, and also an entrepreneur. He has been in the hospitality industry, a free-lance journalist, and an ad-man. He continues the legacy of his father, the late Carl Muller, with the publication house, The Jam Fruit Tree, which he and his father started together in 2011. He lives in Colombo with his wife and three daughters.

"Everyone has at least one fear. You might be afraid of the dark or being alone, enclosed spaces or spiders . Everyone is afraid of something. In horror stories, our nightmares are brought to life in a way that we can control. You can pull back from it if it gets too fearful. We can't do much about the things that scare us in real life, but when reading, we can close the book or scroll past a post to exhibit some level of control. This is why I love horror, and also why I write it."

ISBN 978-624-5702-08-4
Author Jeremy Muller
RS. 1,000
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Shehan Karunatilaka is considered one of Sri Lanka’s foremost authors. In addition to his novels he has written rock songs, screenplays and travel stories.

Shortlisted for the Booker Prize 2022

Colombo, 1990, Maali Almeida, war photographer, gambler and closet gay, has woken up dead in what seems like a celestial visa office. His dismembered body is sinking in the Beira Lake and he has no idea who killed him.But even in the afterlife, time is running out for Maali. He has seven moons to try and contact the man and woman he loves most and lead them to a hidden cache of photos that will rock Sri Lanka.

First published in hardcover as Chats with the Dead

'Fizzes with energy, imagery and ideas against a broad, surreal vision of the Sri Lankan civil wars. Slyly, angrily comic.' THE 2022 BOOKER PRIZE

ISBN 978-1-908745-90-3
Author Shehan Karunatilaka
RS. 1,995
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