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Ronit Ricci is Sternberg-Tamir Chair in Comparative Cultures at Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Associate Professor of Asian Studies at Australian National University. She is the author of the multiple-prize-winning Islam Translated: Literature, Conversion, and the Arab Cosmopolis of South and Southeast Asia (2011)

Lanka, Ceylon, Sarandib: merely three disparate names for a single island? Perhaps. Yet the three diverge in the historical echoes, literary cultures, maps and memories they evoke. Names that have intersected and overlapped – in a treatise, a poem, a document – only to go their own ways. But despite different trajectories, all three are tied to narratives of banishment and exile. Ronit Ricci suggests that the island served as a concrete exilic site as well as a metaphor for imagining exile across religions, languages, space and time: Sarandib, where Adam was banished from Paradise; Lanka, where Sita languished in captivity; and Ceylon, faraway island of exile for Indonesian royalty under colonialism. Utilizing Malay manuscripts and documents from Sri Lanka, Javanese chronicles, and Dutch and British sources, Ricci explores histories and imaginings of displacement related to the island through a study of the Sri Lankan Malays and their connections to an exilic past.

"Challenging the boundaries that too often divide area studies, Ronit Ricci's linguistic skills and path-breaking research historicize the Malay presence in contemporary Sri Lanka. Banishment and Belonging is a true tour de force" ~ Barbara Watson Andaya, University of Hawai'i

"Ronit Ricci has had to work, in her own words, with 'fragments', 'echoes', and 'imagination' to compose this fascinating history of longing and belonging in colonial Asia. It is a story based in formidable scholarship, yet told with grace and empathy." ~ Jonathan Spencer, University of Edinburgh



ISBN 978-624-5529-02-5
Author Ronit Ricci
RS. 1,850
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ISBN 978-955-0722-06-8
Author Ajantha Mahantharachchi
RS. 2,220
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"An excellent read on the modern manifestations of stigma, discrimination, and violence against Muslims. It not only explores the various intersections of the experiences of Muslims but delves into the root causes of anti-Muslim sentiments and incidents in a nuanced manner" ~ Rehab Mahamoor

ISBN 978-624-98361-0-5
Author Shreen Abdul Saroor
RS. 1,000
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Critical Thinking: Logical thinking is exercised as you work your way through the puzzle and in the long-term strengthens critical thinking capabilities.

Patience: The completion of a puzzle is not as easy as you would imagine. As you labour over a puzzle and successfully reach advanced levels, your patience will be both tested and cultivated.

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ISBN 978-955-9433-31-6
RS. 65
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With the Dawn is an epic poem on life in the jungles, its drama, its pathos, its beauty, written by Herbert Keuneman and illustrated with photographs by Nihal Fernando. A delightful book, which is unique to this country, no book of its genre has ever been published in Sri Lanka.


All books produced up to date have been volumes of photographs or of an academic/informative/travelogue nature. With the dawn however, is sheer poetry - poetry of words and images, beauty and moods, drama and quietude. Words and images come together to evoke an almost magical story. Yet, it is very real. Behind the beauty is a true picture. A moving picture story in still photographs of wild creatures and the environment they live in.

ISBN 978-955-9236-05-9
Author Nihal Fernando & Herbert Keuneman
RS. 1,500
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