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Packs of flashcards showing the letters of the Sinhala and Tamil alphabets, beautifully illustrated with watercolour paintings by Lynda Gill.

The Sinhala set consists of 40 cards, the Tamil set 35. The front of each card shows one Sinhala/Tamil letter, together with an illustration of a related word; the back shows the letter again, together with the example word, written three times: in Sinhala/Tamil script, in phonetic transcription, and in English. In each case, the target letter is highlighted in red in Sinhala/Tamil script, and so is the corresponding letter/syllable in the phonetic transcription. Thus each card enables the learner not only to learn a Sinhala/Tamil letter (and see how it is used in the context of a word), but also to learn a new word, what it means, how to pronounce it, and how to write it in Sinhala/Tamil script.

Further information, together with sample cards, can be found on the website www.mirisgala.net

Sinhala Alphabet Cards
ISBN 978-955-000
Author Michael Meyler
RS. 1,000
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