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The 29th issue of Channels, the annual publication by the English Writers Collective (EWC) of Sri Lanka, containing short stories and poetry by prize winners as well as EWC members

ISBN 1013-9249
RS. 800
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This book was written on the many requests of my students and the overall need felt in our fast-developing society. It is hard to find a comprehensive, easy-reading book that will act as a guide line or manual for young adults in today's context. Although there is an interest in learning good manners  and grooming one's self well, it is a pressing and under-addressed need, as the be written material giving a solid foundation that one can go by that are in keeping with today's norms. Etiquette is a social subject that has many sub-divsions. 



ISBN 9786249481909
Author Anthony Ravin Gunawardana
RS. 5,750
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Fazill Farook is an Entrepreneur, Speaker and Business Psychologist

DISCOVER THE WINNER IN YOU will disrupt your life in the most unexpected fashion! - A must read for anybody who wishes to raise the bar.

This book will explore how each person could establish their core identity, using a unique 7P model and reach world-class presence. The author Farill Farook will take you on a journey of self-discovery with tools to defy odds and unlock your full potential towards reaching the highest peak.

  • Template to build your identity and transform into a world-class brand from age 07 to70
  • Four ground-breaking avenues to discover your passion and convert into a craft
  • Understanding the process and pivotal points from steering through uncertainty to certainty
  • Why do some achieve success and others fail to sustain?
  • Tools and techniques to promote and elevate your winning profile
  • The negative pill of early fame and remedies to overcome
ISBN 978-955-38812-0-5
Author Farill Farook
RS. 1,500
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Palit Wijeratne is an Architect, Town Planner, and Conservator of Ancient Monuments, with post graduate qualifications and over 45 years' experience in all three fields in Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom. He was the Director Conservation (1980-1986) of the Sigiriya Water Gardens, a World Heritage site under the UNESCO - Sri Lanka Cultural Triangle Project

The City of Colombo is characterized by a neglected, deteriorating but potentially magnificent resource - one of the best examples of Built Heritage in South Asia. This heritage has been developed for well over five centuries as a Military Fort, the Administrative Capital, and in more recent times the Financial City of Sri Lanka. With the new proposals for the development of Colombo Port City as the Financial District and the Administrative functions having been already moved to Sri Jayawardenapura, Kotte, there is every possibility of Colombo Fort being neglected and provide a 'free for all' ad hoc development policy for this once important site, unless adequate safeguards are taken immediately to preserve this unique heritage for the future.

With a continuous history of over a thousand years of development around a natural harbour as a nucleus, Colombo boasts of a built heritage shared with three maritime powers in the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British. This book provides a record of the history of the development of the history of Colombo Fort under various influences and the living examples of Built Heritage.

ISBN 978-624-5898-00-8
Author Pali Wijeratne
RS. 5,500
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Jeremy Muller grew up in Kandy, is an author and publisher, and also an entrepreneur. He has been in the hospitality industry, a free-lance journalist, and an ad-man. He continues the legacy of his father, the late Carl Muller, with the publication house, The Jam Fruit Tree, which he and his father started together in 2011. He lives in Colombo with his wife and three daughters.

"Everyone has at least one fear. You might be afraid of the dark or being alone, enclosed spaces or spiders . Everyone is afraid of something. In horror stories, our nightmares are brought to life in a way that we can control. You can pull back from it if it gets too fearful. We can't do much about the things that scare us in real life, but when reading, we can close the book or scroll past a post to exhibit some level of control. This is why I love horror, and also why I write it."

ISBN 978-624-5702-08-4
Author Jeremy Muller
RS. 1,000
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