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Mr Noordeen was appointed as a consultant Orthopaedic and spinal surgeon at The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital and Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in 1995, as well as the Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square. He is a Professor in spinal surgery, KUM, National University of Malaysia, and visiting professor University of Columbia, Missouri, USA.

Part manual and part manifesto, Letters to a Young Doctor is a timely and passionate book to help future medical students and young doctors navigate and survive medical education and practice, presenting an unvarnished depiction of medicine as it is today and the challenges the profession faces. Spiritually charged and deeply personal, this urgent book offers guidance and hope through Dr. Hilali Noordeen's hard-won experience and wisdom.

'A brilliant and impassioned cry from the heart of the current state of medical education and practice, from the top of the profession. That it is also spiritual, wise and funny makes this book something special.' ~ Jesse Norman, MP, Financial Secretary to the Treasury, author of The Big Society


'A delightful and witty account of the life of a successful surgeon, whose own warmth and empathy has clearly defined his medical practice. His plea to revisit reforms in our health service - which rely on command and control and which are destroying the values of care and compassion - is timely and powerful. Letters to a Young Doctor is both a lively guide for young doctors and also a serious message to our society.' ~ Baroness Helena Kennedy QC


'At a time when, more than ever, we are focused on the NHS, this is a reminder of the compassionate care that needs to be at its heart. Part polemic, part guide to a medical career and part memoir, Letters to a Young Doctor is also very funny and written with passion, elan, and fluency. It should be prescribed reading for any budding doctor, not to mention their parents' ~ Rachel Kelly, writer, mental health advocate and author of The Sunday Times bestseller Black Rainbow: How Words can Heal: My Journey Through Depression

ISBN 9781913532222
Author Dr. Hilali Noordeen
RS. 1,500
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Pages: 160
Published by: Whitefox Publishing Ltd

Shamil Wanigaratne was born in Sri Lanka and attended St. Anthony's College Kandy. He studied psychology at the University of Nottingham and City University London. Following his post-graduate training, he started his career in clinical psychology in 1987 and worked in the National Health Service.


Born in 1909 Claessen spent his first thirty eight years of his life in Ceylon (Sri Lanka). He belonged to a family who had a strong inclination towards visual arts. He began to paint only at the age of 29 after he joined the Port Commission in Colombo as a Draughtsman.

A founding member of the 43 group, Claessen, came to public notice through the publication in 1946 ‘Jataka’ a little book of drawings by him, which was edited by Ian Goonetileke. Arther van Langenberd provided the Foreword in which he stated ‘The appreciation of a drawing after the first sensation is past, creates a longing for serener, more lasting qualities which the artist is called upon to satisfy. The drawings of George Claessen possess these qualities” (Weereratne, 1993,59).

Some of his art was inspired by Chinese brush drawings and Japanese woodcut. Some others show a modelling of typical European draughtsmanship. His work is mainly dominated by a subtle intimacy and a suggestive use of line which captures form and explores movement (Dharmasiri, 2001)

George Classesn’s works came to public attention at the regular exhibitions of the 43 group. In the late 1940s he moved to Melbourne where he experimented with abstract painting. He then moved to London. He exhibited at the Group’s first exhibition at the Imperial Institute in 1952 with six others of the 43 Group. Claessen participated in the Venice Biennale of 1956 and at the fifth Biennale at the Messeu de Arte Moderna in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1959, where he also won an award. Following this he held a one-man exhibition at the New Vision Centre Gallery, London in 1962.

He has published two books of mainly traditional poems; Poems of a Painter published by Mitre Press in 1967 and Poems about Nothing published by Arthur Stockwell in 1981.


ISBN 9780953496303
Author Shamil Wanigaratne
RS. 10,000
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Pages: 183
Published by: Paradise Isle

Shehan Karunatilaka has done questionable things to nature over the years. He hopes to spend the rest of his days planting seeds, growing crops, and lying under trees. He has writted books about cricket, ghosts and excrement.  He is the father of a gardener and a lumberjack

Ruwangi "Roo" Amarasinghe went to the beach once and decided never to leave. She draws pictures inspired by sci-fi, nature, and the cosmic universe. Since illustrating this book, she's noticed trees and plants staring suspiciously at her.

What if plants and trees could walk and talk and think and act? What if they're doing these things right now, when you're not looking?


Meet the angry Jak, the wise Banyan, the elegant Casuarina and the little Cactus, hear about their secret lives, and find out what they think about us!

Amusing, surprising, and thought-provoking, Those Sneaky Plants is a book for children of all ages. Inspired by ecology and questions about the future, it asks if humans should look after nature, or if nature should take care of us?

Written by Shehan Karunatilaka, illustrated by Ruwangi Amarasinghe, and designed by Fold Media Collective, it is a book filled with pretty flowers, friendly trees, and big ideas.

ISBN 978-624-98196-0-3
Author Shehan Karunatilaka
RS. 1,350
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Nadishka Aloysius was shortlisted for the Best Children's Book award at the State Literary Awards 2019. She is a teacher, actor, author and book reviewer. As a teacher of Drama and English Language, and a mother of two sons who love story time, she finds inspiration in the little everyday details of life

Enjoy a colourful afternoon of fun and frolic with a spirited youngster as she slays monsters and demonstrates that girls can be whatever they want to be - they only need an active imagination and the love and support of a wonderful grandmother!

This charming picture book is about a little Sri Lankan girl who loves playing dress up with her Archchi. She selects a colourful sari, decorates her sari, and puts on her (non-toxic) makeup with care. 

But she is no ordinary Princess. 

Illustrated in vibrant colours this book also includes three activity pages and a DIY Jigsaw Puzzle!

ISBN 978-624-98233-0-3
Author Nadishka Aloysius
RS. 1,050
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With the dawn, is an epic poem on life in the jungles, its drama, its pathos, its beauty, written by Herbert Keuneman and illustrated with photographs by Nihal Fernando. A delightful book, which is unique to this country, no book of its genre has ever been published in Sri Lanka.

All books produced up to date have been volumes of photographs or of an academic/informative/travelogue nature. With the dawn however, is sheer poetry - poetry of words and images, beauty and moods, drama and quietude. Words and images come together to evoke an almost magical story. Yet, it is very real. Behind the beauty is a true picture. A moving picture story in still photographs of wild creatures and the environment they live in.


ISBN 978-955-9236-05-9
RS. 5,000
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