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Reviewed as one of the most comprehensive books about Sri Lanka and as being on par with the best international publications, Eloquence in Stone narrates the story of this island nation. It begins with the cliffs and caves where ancient man lived as far back as 150,000 years ago in Sri Lanka and then moves onto the stone tools they produced 35,000 BP, and the script of the ancients that dates back to 500 BC. One of the first man-made tanks in the world was built in the citadel of Anuradhapura. This tank was the starting point of a sophisticated irrigation system which harnessed monsoon rains and channeled the waters for long distances from one tank to giving rise to a rich agricultural civilization - a society that built ships and traded in elephants and spices and one which adopted the rituals of Buddhism and Hinduism, built magnificent statues and temples embellished with sculpture and murals. It is a culture and a way of life that continues in much the same manner to this day. The descendants of this ancient people cultivate the same fields, dance to the same drums and worship at the same temples. The world of the 20th century is yet to enmesh them fully and this book is a peon to this heritage.


Produced by a team of Sri Lankas foremost photographer/travellers, the book is of interest to all Sri Lankans, historians, archaeologists, Asian Studies specialists, anthropologists and sociologists. It is also a book that lovers of beauty beautiful writing and beautiful photographs will treasure.


The book ends with the words of Nihal Fernando, the man who inspired the book - This is the dream I have had for the last fifteen years. I want to tell the story of this country and its people. I want to make people think about our past and what we are doing to it before it is too late.


ISBN 978-955-9236-06-01
Author Nihal Fernando, Sinharaja Tammita-Delgoda, Anu Weerasuriya, Luxshmanan Nadaraja, Christopher Silva, Devaka Seneviratne, Roshan Perret
RS. 11,000
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Nadishka Aloysius was shortlisted for the Best Children's Book award at the State Literary Awards 2019. She is a teacher, actor, author and book reviewer. As a teacher of Drama and English Language, and a mother of two sons who love story time, she finds inspiration in the little everyday details of life

Follow the lives of two spirited sleuths who prove that women can achieve the seemingly impossible 

Kiyama Fernando, an English teacher from Colombo, is running away from a failed marriage. She decides to spend some time with her good friend Vinodhini Dias in a small town far away from her troubles. But, little does she know that trouble is about to come knocking soon enough...

When the body of a local teacher is found abandoned in a paddy field and her friend becomes the prime suspect in his murder Kiyama concludes that the only way to help her friend, is to solve the murder before the police.

As their investigation leads them from a paddy field, to a rubber plantation, a gambling den and a school the two friends realise it is a race against the clock.

Will they uncover the killer before Vinodhini is taken away in handcuffs? Can they decipher friend from foe? Will the secrets they unearth lead them to an early grave?


The cast of quirky characters include a crafty money lender, a vociferous cook and a handsome landowner.

Fans of Alexander McCall Smith, Stuart Palmer and Christy Barritt will love this new series.

ISBN 978-6249823327
Author Nadishka Aloysius
RS. 1,200
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Pages: 225

Sujit Sivasundaram is a university lecturer in World and Imperial History since 1500 at the University of Cambridge and fellow of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. He is the author of Nature and the Godly Empire: Science and Evangelical Mission in the Pacific, 1795-1850. He won a Philip Leverhulme Prize for History in 2012, awarded to young scholars in the United Kingdom for accomplishments in research.

Too often, history is told from the northern hemisphere. In this captivating, ground-breaking account, Sujit Sivasundaram reassesses the era of revolutions and empire from the perspective of indigenous and seafaring people in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. 

This is a story about indigenous creativity, agency and resistance when confronted with unprecedented globalization and violence. It is a tale of oceans, winds, waves, and islands and beaches, and of the tragic ways in which colonisation reversed immense possibilities for liberty and humanity.

'A breathtaking book. Takes the familiar story of the "age of revolutions" and turns it upside down, putting the voices, the hopes, and the struggles of the seafaring peoples of the Indian and the Pacific Oceans at the heart... Global history at its finest: eloquent, surprising, and deeply moving' ~ Sunil Amrith

'Fascinating... brings to life the surge of indigenous politics that marked this era' ~Financial Times

'An Apollyonic straddling of an entire hemisphere' ~ Guardian

'Confidently surfs a dynamic wave of scholarship... through the eyes of Indigenous peoples, the enslaved, the subjected, and the Global South' ~ TLS

'A magisterial intervention in world history... Deeply researched and richly illustrated' ~ Margot Finn

ISBN 978-0-00-757557-2
Author Sujit Sivasundaram
RS. 6,000
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Pages: 468
Published by: William Collins


For hundreds of years, the island of Sri Lanka was a crucial stopover for people and goods in the Indian Ocean. For the Dutch East India Company, it was also a crossroads in the Indian Ocean slave trade. Slavery was present in multiple forms in Sri Lanka—then Ceylon—when the British conquered the island in the late eighteenth century and began to gradually abolish slavery. Yet the continued presence of enslaved people in Sri Lanka in the nineteenth century has practically vanished from collective memory in both the Sinhalese and Tamil communities.

Nira Wickramasinghe uncovers the traces of slavery in the history and memory of the Indian Ocean world, exploring moments of revolt in the lives of enslaved people in the wake of abolition. She tells the stories of Wayreven, the slave who traveled in the palanquin of his master; Selestina, accused of killing her child; Rawothan, who sought permission for his son to be circumcised; and others, enslaved or emancipated, who challenged their status. Drawing on legal cases, petitions, and other colonial records to recover individual voices and quotidian moments, Wickramasinghe offers a meditation on the archive of slavery. She examines how color-based racial thinking gave way to more nuanced debates about identity, complicating conceptions of blackness and racialization. A deeply interdisciplinary book with a focus on recovering subaltern resistance, Slave in a Palanquin offers a vital new portrait of the local and transnational worlds of the colonial-era Asian slave trade in the Indian Ocean. 

"A compellingly important work by one of Sri Lanka's best historians. Slave in a Palanquin challenges narratives of purity and authenticity on an island where murmurings about descent are far too common but where memories of enslavement have been erased. By turning to forgotten records and traces, Wickramasinghe insists on the subaltern, the resistant, and the particular. As the book proceeds, Sri Lanka moves into the centre of key debates in world history about labour, memory, freedom and power" ~ Sujit Sivasundaram, author of Islanded: Britain, Sri Lanka, and the Bounds of an Indian Ocean Colony

ISBN 978-624-5629-01-8
Author Nira Wickramasinghe
RS. 2,800
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Carmel Miranda is a doctor by profession and voracious reader by hobby. Crossmatch, winner of the Gratiaen Prize for the year 2020, is her debut novel

Winner of the Gratiaen Prize 2020

When a poor young boy succumbs to his injuries in the ICU, no one considers it anything but the result of a tragic accident. No one, that is, but Lotus, an introverted daydreamer who is drifting into a career in medicine more by parental choice than her own.

As a chance witness to his final moments, she is unwittingly drawn into his case and soon finds herself both angry and upset trying to understand what really happened to him.

Why, for instance, did the boy dash recklessly across the road into the path of a passing vehicle? Why did he have a contact with the same name as hers on his phone? What was his link to the luxurious Lotus Hospital?

Her sense of justice aroused, she follows a trail that takes her through the hospitals, slums and mansions of Colombo, juggling all this within her gritty life as a medical student. 

"Carmel Miranda's first novel creates a unique narrative that combines a sensitive and nuanced understanding of the Lankan medical world with a powerful and moving, yet unsentimental, psychological account of love, loss and reconciliation." ~ Arjuna Parakrama, Senior Professor of English, University of Peradeniya

ISBN 978-624-5522-00-2
Author Carmel Miranda
RS. 1,500
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Pages: 254
Published by: Katha Publishers