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Packs of flashcards showing the letters of the Sinhala and Tamil alphabets, beautifully illustrated with watercolour paintings by Lynda Gill.

The Sinhala set consists of 40 cards, the Tamil set 35. The front of each card shows one Sinhala/Tamil letter, together with an illustration of a related word; the back shows the letter again, together with the example word, written three times: in Sinhala/Tamil script, in phonetic transcription, and in English. In each case, the target letter is highlighted in red in Sinhala/Tamil script, and so is the corresponding letter/syllable in the phonetic transcription. Thus each card enables the learner not only to learn a Sinhala/Tamil letter (and see how it is used in the context of a word), but also to learn a new word, what it means, how to pronounce it, and how to write it in Sinhala/Tamil script.

Further information, together with sample cards, can be found on the website www.mirisgala.net

ISBN 978-955-002
Author Michael Meyler
RS. 1,000
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To Dambulla, Habarana, Kekirawa, Galewela

This book is for those who consider serendipitous encounters fascinating rather than nerve racking! For those to whom travelling is about history and archaeology, people and encounters, art and sculpture, birds, trees and water, sweating it out and day dreaming...

"Grab this guide, follow a black & white board and discover a Sri Lanka you never imagined." – Sam Perera, Perera Hussein Publishing House

"The strong connection to the island, its people and its heritage runs like a red thread throughout this guide, truly a book by Sri Lankans on Sri Lanka." – Anu Weerasuriya, Studio Times Ltd.

ISBN 978-955-3900-00-5
Author Neranjana Gunetilleke
RS. 2,400
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Pages: 393
Published by: Perera Hussein Publishing House

Rozaine Cooray is a Business Psychologist by profession and a regular columnist on contemporary work issues for a leading Sunday newspaper. She is a visiting lecturer for two prestigious universities in Colombo and heads her own consultancy, specializing in organizational development and coaching young executives and managers.

From the author of Colours of the Sun (shortlisted for the Gratiaen Awards and State Literary Awards 2010), comes a brilliant distillation of day- to - day organizational issues addressed in a form of 'what', 'why' and 'how', that can help one to gain mastery over crisis and to triumph with greater character.

"One's character is generally challenged when disaster strikes and as the saying goes; it's not about how high one climbs but how he bounces back when he hits the bottom which defines the true measure of a man's success. This is the heart of the Crisis to Character Model suggested by the author." - Kushil Gunasekera, Founder, Foundation of Goodness, Sri Lanka

ISBN 978-955-97102-4-0
Author Rozaine Cooray
RS. 1,500
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Pages: 246
Published by: Perera Hussein Publishing House

What is the difference between samba, sambar, sambhur and sambol? a molgaha and a mirisgala? malu miris and miris malu? a mudalali and a mudaliyar?

How do you pronounce mawatha, Veddah and perahera?

Where will you find a floor patient, a cake structure and an umbrella couple? What is meant by a soft corner, a dead rope and a forward Peter?

A Dictionary of Sri Lankan English contains approximately 2,500 examples of words and expressions which are characteristic of the English spoken in Sri Lanka. It is intended for Sri Lankan students and teachers of English, for foreigners living in Sri Lanka, and for anyone with an interest in international varieties of English. Every entry is compared with so-called "standard" British English, together with a pronunciation guide, examples of usage, quotes from published books, illustrations, and further notes. There is also an introduction outlining the main features of Sri Lankan English, but avoiding linguistic jargon with the intention of being accessible to the general reader.

Further information, together with sample pages, updates and new entries, photographs and related articles, can be found on the website www.mirisgala.net

Published by: Perera Hussein Publishing House

Michael Meyler is a teacher of colloquial Sinhala and Tamil for beginners. He first came to Sri Lanka in 1985 as an English language teacher. For 15 years he taught the popular Sinhala beginners' class at the British Council in Colombo. He is the author of A Dictionary of Sri Lankan English (2007), and SET: a trilingual dictionary of colloquial Sinhala, English and Tamil (2013).

SET is an indispensable tool for anyone wishing to gain a basic knowledge of simple colloquial Sinhala and/or Tamil. It is both an informative introduction to Sri Lanka's three languages, and an invaluable reference work for the elementary learner.

SET introduces a simple colloquial form of Sinhala and Tamil in a practical and user-friendly format. Sinhala and Tamil scripts are included, alongside a unique phonetic system designed to make the pronunciation of both languages as clear as possible. Supplementary notes provide further information on areas such as foods, festivals and family relationships. Usage notes explain grammar points such as noun endings, pronouns, forming questions and negatives, etc. And verb tables at the end of the book list the different forms of 100 common Sinhala and Tamil verbs.

Further information, together with sample pages from the book, can be found on the website www.mirisgala.net

ISBN 978-955-5054-22-5
Author Michael Meyler
RS. 3,500
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Pages: 176
Published by: Perera Hussein Publishing House