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Chandani Lokugé is an Associate Professor at Monash University. She read for her doctoral degree on a Commonwealth Scholarship. She is the author of nine books. As the Editor of the scholarly Oxford Classics Reissues series of pioneering Indian women's writing in English, she has published six books including, The Collected Prose and Poetry of Toru Dutt and The Memories of Cornelia Sorabji: India's First Woman Barrister. Her current academic research is on the aesthetics of South Asian diasporic literature.

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Turning back, she saw his blurred figure through the lace curtain, an abstract pattern of their intense criss-crossed liaison. He was looking at her. What was he seeing? How isolated we are, she thought, how unconnected...

One late spring morning, Uma awakens to a life in which her relationships – to lover, to husband, to son – seem unbearably tangled. In capturing its searing and intimate moments, the story transcends into a meditation on love and betrayal, grief and redemption.

'The heart-breaking clarity of Chandani Laokugé's writing resonates long after reading Softly, As I Leave You.'
Susan Kurosawa

'Chandani Lokugé writes with unfailing verbal felicity, in the language of the men and women of our time, over the whole range of human communication.'
Ashley Halpé

ISBN 978-955-1723-26-2
Author Chandani Lokuge
RS. 800
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Pages: 250
Published by: Bay Owl Press

Alexandra Harris is a German/American writer and communications specialist who has worked for a number of development organizations and non-profits. She currently lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka with her husband and their young daughters. Alexandra is a lifelong expat and third culture kid, having grown up in Jakarta and Cairo. This is her first novel.

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One year after the Indian Ocean tsunami

Angela finds herself flying into the devastated region of Banda Aceh as a researcher for the UN. Enthusiastic and committed, the young American woman arrives at a place swarming with young aid workers, and she soon enters a world that is nothing like what she has known.

Post-tsunami Banda Aceh is a unique bubble where everyday experiences like house hunting or going to a coffee shop are wracked with complications and a work trip can end up at a football game played by elephants.

While Angela rapidly becomes disillusioned with the NGO life, she has to cope with falling in love in a region where men and women are traditionally segregated. Soon Angela finds herself wondering if she will have to choose between love and work.

ISBN 978-955-1723-32-3
Author Alexandra Harris
RS. 1,000
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Pages: 238
Published by: Bay Owl Press

Sam Bunny lives in Melbourne with his wife Selina and daughter Bella. His previous novel Estuary was nominated for the 2013 Dublin IMPAC Award.

"There will be no going back, perhaps no going forward. Nothing will ever be the same, each relationship will have to be re-made. It is death- no reason, no compassion, no art."

In his second book, Sam Bunny bravely engages with the problems of asylum-seekers in Australia and compels readers to empathise wholeheartedly with their 'othered' existence. Could the plight of the inhabitants of The Lot be fictitious after all?


ISBN 978-955-1723-33-0
Author Sam Bunny
RS. 1,000
RS. 600
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Pages: 199
Published by: Bay Owl Press
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