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Yasmin Azad was born and raised in the Galle Fort, Sri Lanka. After obtaining a degree in English from the University of Ceylon, and a brief stint as a lecturer, she moved to the United States in her twenties. She recently retired after many years as a mental health counselor.

There comes a time when a girl must decide whether to leave or stay. This is the journey to that moment of choice.

Within the confines of the Galle Fort, Yasmin and her best friend Penny enjoy an idyllic childhood of sea swims, bike rides, and movies in a world that was fun, glamorous and free. But Yasmin comes from a tightly knit, conformist community that thrives on tradition, family bonds and honour, and eventually her friendship with Penny must end.

This sharply insightful novel depicts a young Muslim girl's struggle to balance the traditions of a loving yet conservative father, who wants to keep her safe, against the more liberal Westernized Sri Lankan world outside. Stay, Daughter is a beautifully crafted story suffused with love, humour, and compassion. A novel that provides a glimpse into the microcosmic Galle Fort Muslim community of the 1960s post-independent Sri Lanka.

A unique and important voice of our time - that of Muslim women.

ISBN 978-955-8897-32-4
Author Yasmin Azad
RS. 2,000
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Pages: 249
Published by: Perera Hussein Publishing House

Gavin Major is a writer who lives in Sri Lanka and on the Isle of Skye with his wife and children. The Ripple Effect is his debut novel.

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One man's epic journey of self-discovery across continents and borders reveals the universal bond that connects all of humanity.

An olive stone tossed Sam Benson out of his Isle of Skye home in pursuit of the most elusive of human desires - happiness. Half a world away, Rohan enters adulthood and leaves Sri Lanka in search of a better life.

Sam, ambling through Europe on his motorbike and Rohan cutting across the world in a plane, eventually meet in Milan. Neither of them could have known their destinies would change in a fraction of a second. Ultimately, broken hearts and shattered lives lead one of them to understand himself in a way he's never managed to before.

Quick moving, intense and at times wildly exciting, The Ripple Effect is an inspired road trip. It is the story of a man on the run from himself and his bittersweet realization that nothing is as it seems. This novel of a heartbreaking tangle of personal histories is a stunning debut from author Gavin Major.

ISBN 978-955-8897-31-7
Author Gavin Major
RS. 1,200
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Pages: 270
Published by: Perera Hussein Publishing House

Anuradha Roy is the author of AN ATLAS OF IMPOSSIBLE LONGING, and THE FOLDED EARTH as well as SLEEPING ON JUPITER, which won the DSC prize for fiction 2016 and was Long-listed for the Man Booker Prize 2015. She lives in Ranikhet, India.

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“In my childhood, I was known as the boy whose mother had run off with an Englishman”

So begins the story of Myshkin and his mother Gayatri, who is driven to rebel against tradition and follow her artist’s instinct for freedom.

Anuradha Roy’s deeply moving novel tells the story of men and women trapped in a dangerous era uncannily similar to the present. Its scale is matched by its power as a parable of our times.

'This is why you read fiction at all' – Marie Arana, Washington Post

'Roy’s prose does not hit a single wrong note: its restrained beauty sings off the page' – Neel Mukherjee, Time Magazine

ISBN 978-955-8897-30-0
RS. 1,250
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Pages: 335
Published by: Perera Hussein

Born in Sri Lanka, Anne de Costa has enjoyed many journeys, both geographical and spiritual. Her mission in life is to help others find themselves and their place in the universe. This book is the first of several that unlock human potential. She now lives in Australia.

THE MYSTICAL EXPLORER WINS is a book of spiritual awakening.

Born after many years of deep study and daily application, the author Anne de Costa made a conscious decision to change her life by practicing gratitude and forgiveness on a daily basis. By the powerful use of positive affirmations she shows one how to change thinking and speech patterns, bringing about a change of consciousness. This book comes into your hands for you to be able to connect with the spirit within and unlock the spirit of opulence.

ISBN 978-955-1723-40-8.html%3famp
Author Anne de Costa
RS. 700
100 In Stock
Pages: 70
Published by: Perera Hussein Publishing House

Shehahi Gomes gave up her degree in Law after a short spell as a journalist. She is now an investment analyst by profession and lives and works in Colombo. This is her first novel.

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Shortlisted for the Gratiaen Prize in 2005; Long listed for the Dublin Impac Prize in 2010

Do you remember when you first fell in love? Do you remember the unrestrained joys and plummeting sorrows of adolescence? Do you remember the confrontation that each new day brought? Enter Kala's life. This sensitive novel about first love and heart break is a complex bitter sweet coming of age story that looks at the modern urban Sri Lankan youth in a new and fresh way. Shehani Gomes navigates us through the perilous and uncharted waters of the young adult, in her exceptionally perceptive debut novel that takes an honest look at a young woman's challenges and triumphs in life.

'If all this outpouring of her creativity found form in a first novel, one hopes for more writing in print from Shehani' – Lakmali Gunwardana

'The book is honest and alive, and its voice, Gomes's voice, is as confident as any young female writer I have read recently...Learning to Fly is more than brave in its formal experimentation. But its strange and, sometimes, difficult structure is not simply an exercise in avant-garde literary practice, but a form that allows the content, the messiness of the protagonist's struggle, to become themselves amidst death and conflict and discrimination, to mirror the novel's setting's own troubled journey towards selfhood' – Vincent Poturica

'Definitely not your average adolescent love story. Shehani Gomes' debut novel- Learning to Fly, having been nominated for the Gratiaen Award of 2005, takes a look into the darker, less explored aspect of adolescence and first love...Shehani's unique writing style complements the way in which characters have been brought to life...She not only grips the reader but makes the reader think, analyze, re-read and analyze again, making her debut novel a very stimulating read- one which brings us to hope for more from her in the very near future' – Tahnee Hopman

ISBN 978-955-8897-15-7
Author Shehani Gomes
RS. 600
101 In Stock
Pages: 183
Published by: Perera Hussein Publishing House
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