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As a bunch of boys attempt to hurl 4 or 5 letters through an open window of a passing car, Carolis swerves. He has eyes at hte back of his head plus the peripheral vision of a matador. Nothing escapes his eagle eyes.

The letters hit the pavement. By sheer luck two fall into the car. Rimu is distraught. Her own letter is not one of them.

The boys run alongside the car throwing in what fell on the road. By now Carolis is hysterical.

"Wait Baba, till I go Home. I'll tell, I'll tell," he screams.

Rimu is not a jelly.

"Pooh Carolis, what are you going to tell?"

"I'll tell you are getting love letters from that Raju Bakamuna your mother has told not to drive past the house even."

"So where are the letters Carolis? Those were the only History notes, SEE?"

Carolis is no match fir Rimu. He looks at hte notes which are undeniably history.


From a time where rules were rules and never meant to be broken, to today's fast paced, no taboo society, Goolbai Gunasekera relates her stories with a light touch, demonstrating that whatever happens, with the correct attitude, life can indeed be a frolic!

          To be consumed without moderation.

Life can be a Frolic!
ISBN 9786245831029
Author Goolbai Gunasekara
RS. 2,000
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