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How the Squirrel Got His Stripes

How the Squirrel Got His Stripes

How the Squirrel Got His Stripes

RS. 250
ISBN : 978-955-0041-08-4
Author : Alex Stewart
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Alex Stewart is a counselor / psychotherapist who moonlights as a DJ, playing music from around the world at clubs and parties. Having developed a personal way of telling stories without words, his art-work reflects a deep love of miniature painting and medieval European book illustration. He divides his time between the UK and Sri Lanka where he exhibits regularly.


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Popsicle Books

You've always wondered how squirrels got their distinctive stripes. Well, once upon a time, clever little squirrels joined a legendary battle that took place in the land of Lanka. As reward for their valour they received a sign of affection that they carry even today! Read all about it with your children, from this beautifully illustrated collectible book.