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Why Jackals Cry at Night

Why Jackals Cry at Night

Why Jackals Cry at Night

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ISBN : 978-624-5825-02-8
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Graduating with a Fine Art Degree from the Falmouth College of Art (1992), British born artist Janet Howell works as a visual artist and illustrator. She enjoys a successful career as an international teacher of Visual Art working in British and International schools in Sri Lanka, Brunei, Vietnam, and Switzerland.


Publisher and co-founder of the Perera-Hussein Publishing House, Sam Perera has an enduring fascination for folk tales, myth, and legend. He enjoys researching and retelling these stories to children and adults.

Close to a jungle, when night falls and stars come out, you may hear the plaintive crying of a Jackal. Don't be afraid, he will not hurt you. Come, I will tell you his story....


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