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We Are A Part, Not Apart

We Are A Part, Not Apart

We Are A Part, Not Apart

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ISBN : 978-955-6654-27-1
Author : Rauff Hakeem
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Rauff Hakeem is a former Cabinet Minister and Member of Parliament. Hakeem is the leader of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC), a member of the United National Front for Good Governance (UNFGG).


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Vijitha Yapa Publications

This modest effort of mine is an appeal to the better nature of fellow Sri Lankans. It is an effort to critically examine the forces that pull us apart. It attempts to reset Muslim relations with the Sinhala majority by addressing other communities' overarching concerns with regard to Muslims. I have also striven to frame this book as a socio-political covenant for the Muslims of Sri Lanka, for self-reflection. I hope this book will shed light on the politics of resentment that has overwhelmed us today. We are all human beings with a natural tendency to seek comfort in making categorical distinctions between our immediate group and others. In this light, the book reiterates the need for peace among all communities. Faith may be a common denominator, but the groups we belong to are socially constructed and not necessarily etched in stone. It is for us to decide which distinctions matter and which we can discard in order to integrate into the larger national mosaic. ~ Rauff Hakeem