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Footprints : A Historical Novel

Footprints : A Historical Novel

Footprints : A Historical Novel

RS. 900
ISBN : 978-624-5831-00-5
Author : Premini Amerasinghe
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Premini Amerasinghe, a radiologist by profession, scribbled poetry in between her reporting of x-rays and later after retirement spent more time on her creative writing. She honed her writing skills initially at the Waidya Writers Group. She has published five novels and two volumes of poetry to date.


Published by
Bay Owl Press

A compelling story of adventure, love, and starting anew in Dutch Ceylon.

The year was 1760, I would like to think it was a cloudless day in June, when Jan disembarked at Galle, the southernmost port in the island. A turquoise sea lapped against a promontory which was fortified by a massive fort. On the ramparts, was a curious crowd of people, excited at the sight of the vessel, its white sails billowing in the wind. 

Premini Amerasinghe brings to life the cobbled streets of 18th century Ceylon. Cleverly juxtaposed with the personal story of an employee of the VOC - Jan Spittel, are the political intrigues, the battles fought, and the transition from Dutch to British occupation of the Indian Ocean island of Ceylon.