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The Frangipani Year

The Frangipani Year

The Frangipani Year

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ISBN : 978-955-1723-32-3
Author : Alexandra Harris
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Alexandra Harris is a German/American writer and communications specialist who has worked for a number of development organizations and non-profits. She currently lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka with her husband and their young daughters. Alexandra is a lifelong expat and third culture kid, having grown up in Jakarta and Cairo. This is her first novel.


Published by
Bay Owl Press

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One year after the Indian Ocean tsunami

Angela finds herself flying into the devastated region of Banda Aceh as a researcher for the UN. Enthusiastic and committed, the young American woman arrives at a place swarming with young aid workers, and she soon enters a world that is nothing like what she has known.

Post-tsunami Banda Aceh is a unique bubble where everyday experiences like house hunting or going to a coffee shop are wracked with complications and a work trip can end up at a football game played by elephants.

While Angela rapidly becomes disillusioned with the NGO life, she has to cope with falling in love in a region where men and women are traditionally segregated. Soon Angela finds herself wondering if she will have to choose between love and work.