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The Mystical Explorer Wins

The Mystical Explorer Wins

The Mystical Explorer Wins

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Author : Anne de Costa
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Born in Sri Lanka, Anne de Costa has enjoyed many journeys, both geographical and spiritual. Her mission in life is to help others find themselves and their place in the universe. This book is the first of several that unlock human potential. She now lives in Australia.


Published by
Perera Hussein Publishing House

THE MYSTICAL EXPLORER WINS is a book of spiritual awakening.

Born after many years of deep study and daily application, the author Anne de Costa made a conscious decision to change her life by practicing gratitude and forgiveness on a daily basis. By the powerful use of positive affirmations she shows one how to change thinking and speech patterns, bringing about a change of consciousness. This book comes into your hands for you to be able to connect with the spirit within and unlock the spirit of opulence.