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Archive of Memory (English)

Archive of Memory (English)

Archive of Memory (English)

RS. 1,900
ISBN : 978-624-5313-00-6
Author : Malathi De Alwis and Hasini Haputhanthri
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historicaldialogue.lk is a digital platform created to serve the critical discourse on historical dialogue in Sri Lanka. This digital space hopes to bring together researchers, organizations, journalists, students and anyone with an open and questioning mind interested in issues relating to memorialization and the post-war situation in Sri Lanka.


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Sri Lanka marked 70 years of independence on February 4th 2018. While there is much to celebrate in our overthrowing a 500-year yoke of colonial rule and embracing democratic politics, it is undeniable that Sri Lanka's post-independence trajectory has also been rather turbulent and bloody. Communal riots, youth insurrections, natural disasters and a protracted civil war have cast a long, brooding shadow across recent decades. Any reflection on our past must therefore acknowledge the positive advances we have made as a nation as well as question and learn from our less positive experiences.

The Archive of Memory is a collection of 70 narrative fragments that offer compelling, personalized perspectives on these past 70 years. They recall significant moments in our post-independence history through mundane, everyday objects as well as unique artefacts and souvenirs.