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Discover the Winner in You

Discover the Winner in You

Discover the Winner in You

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ISBN : 978-955-38812-0-5
Author : Farill Farook
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Fazill Farook is an Entrepreneur, Speaker and Business Psychologist

DISCOVER THE WINNER IN YOU will disrupt your life in the most unexpected fashion! - A must read for anybody who wishes to raise the bar.

This book will explore how each person could establish their core identity, using a unique 7P model and reach world-class presence. The author Farill Farook will take you on a journey of self-discovery with tools to defy odds and unlock your full potential towards reaching the highest peak.

  • Template to build your identity and transform into a world-class brand from age 07 to70
  • Four ground-breaking avenues to discover your passion and convert into a craft
  • Understanding the process and pivotal points from steering through uncertainty to certainty
  • Why do some achieve success and others fail to sustain?
  • Tools and techniques to promote and elevate your winning profile
  • The negative pill of early fame and remedies to overcome