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I Am Inspired

I Am Inspired

I Am Inspired

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ISBN : 978-624-5281-00-8
Author : Indira Kithsiri, Hashendra Wijesinha
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Indira Kithsiri is the founder of SAHANA Sri Lanka, a non-profit organization aiming to improve the living conditions and educational opportunities of underprivileged youth and women in Sri Lanka.  Her professional career has spanned more than ten years working in project development, relationship management, and communications.

Hashendra Wijesinha is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, and currently manages Job Smart, an employability skills building program for high potential international students at the University of Sydney Business School. He has a diverse skill set built across areas such as risk and management consulting, project management, communications, and research

Inspiring Sri Lanka's current and future generations of youth through the stories of successful and innovative leaders, entrepreneurs and drivers of change.

Driven by their passion for social entrepreneurship, unbridled love for Sri Lanka, and aspiration for a thriving future for their country, Indira and Hashendra have collaborated to write I Am Inspired, a consolidation of anecdotes, insights and reflections of inspirational leader with Sri Lankan roots based in the country and around the world. The book is a ground-breaking literary creation produced to inspire and encourage youth to shed their inhibitions and take a leap of faith in pursuing their passions. Spanning across eight chapters, the consolidated biographical portraits envelop areas most critical to Sri Lanka's development. 

100% of book proceeds will be donated to the Sparklers Foundation, for the purpose of:

1) Designing a textbook version of I Am Inspired in Sinhala and Tamil for distribution in high schools. The sale of one copy of I Am Inspired will fund the production and distribution of 10 textbooks.

2) Running capacity-building programs for young Sri Lankans exhibiting exceptional entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

For more information, please visit www.sparklers-foundation.org