Letters to a Young Doctor

Letters to a Young Doctor

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ISBN : 9781913532222
Author : Dr. Hilali Noordeen
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Mr Noordeen was appointed as a consultant Orthopaedic and spinal surgeon at The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital and Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in 1995, as well as the Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square. He is a Professor in spinal surgery, KUM, National University of Malaysia, and visiting professor University of Columbia, Missouri, USA.


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Part manual and part manifesto, Letters to a Young Doctor is a timely and passionate book to help future medical students and young doctors navigate and survive medical education and practice, presenting an unvarnished depiction of medicine as it is today and the challenges the profession faces. Spiritually charged and deeply personal, this urgent book offers guidance and hope through Dr. Hilali Noordeen's hard-won experience and wisdom.

'A brilliant and impassioned cry from the heart of the current state of medical education and practice, from the top of the profession. That it is also spiritual, wise and funny makes this book something special.' ~ Jesse Norman, MP, Financial Secretary to the Treasury, author of The Big Society


'A delightful and witty account of the life of a successful surgeon, whose own warmth and empathy has clearly defined his medical practice. His plea to revisit reforms in our health service - which rely on command and control and which are destroying the values of care and compassion - is timely and powerful. Letters to a Young Doctor is both a lively guide for young doctors and also a serious message to our society.' ~ Baroness Helena Kennedy QC


'At a time when, more than ever, we are focused on the NHS, this is a reminder of the compassionate care that needs to be at its heart. Part polemic, part guide to a medical career and part memoir, Letters to a Young Doctor is also very funny and written with passion, elan, and fluency. It should be prescribed reading for any budding doctor, not to mention their parents' ~ Rachel Kelly, writer, mental health advocate and author of The Sunday Times bestseller Black Rainbow: How Words can Heal: My Journey Through Depression