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Like Moths to a Flame

Like Moths to a Flame

Like Moths to a Flame

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ISBN : 978-624-205-019-5
Author : Manuka Wijesinghe
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Manuka Wijesinghe is an author, poet, playwright, dancer and actress. Manuka’s work has been shortlisted for awards including the Fairway Literary Prize which nominated Sinhala Only among its finalists in 2015. Her other work include Silhouettes for Justice (1994) – a collection of poetry – and the following plays which have been performed but remain unpublished: The Mad CowFlight 582 to ZurichKarmaMy WayThe Affair and Marital Misadventures.


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Vijitha Yapa Publishers

Like Moths to a Flame is the result of several years of walking in war weary terrains understanding the nature of man, his faith, his speech, his desire, his diversity and his cultural priorities. It is the story of men and women who have been slighted, insulted, disregarded and cornered into a dead end street with no exit. They were forced to find the means of escape. Terrorism was one such means of exit. Like Moths to a Flame is the story of one family. Of a diligent father, a beautiful mother, a mystic grandfather and an angered grandmother. Where did they come from? Why did they bond? How did they live in the present, bound to prisons of past experience? In Like Moths to a Flame, one sees how a seemingly normal compound unit; a family, gives birth to a child who is their antithesis. One touches the seed of Lanka's tragic history. It need not have been sown, but it was. And, as the novel's only voice of reason says, 'Life is a journey to the grave, not a journey into a Homeland.'