PROBOSCIDEA - The Emotional lives of Elephants

PROBOSCIDEA - The Emotional lives of Elephants

RS. 10,000
ISBN : 978-3-00-052159-1
Author : Hamish John Appleby


About the Author TEXT

I was born in Sydney, Australia, inn1970 and spent my childhood in the country surrounded by all creatures great and small. These animals taught me a lot over the years about communication. My favourite childhood book, My family and other animals by gerald durell, has a profound influence on my love of both animals and adventure. I learnt alot about 'looking' while gaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting, askill I later transferred to photography.

The process of photographing requires me to spend time observing people, in order to extract and record individuality and personality.Transferring my knowledge of working with people over to elephants was a compelling and challenging experience. This, combined with the encounter I had, the people I met, the firendships I forgedand the many people who supported me along the way - made for an unforgettably adventurous journey.

Proboscidea - The Emotional Lives of Elephants was born out of a pure love for the animal kingdom and in particular, elephants. This book was produced to ispire, inform and educate by bringing people closer to elephants through positive and emotive imagery, accompanied by interesting and informative text. The aim is to raise awareness about the serious threats elephants face by attempting to capture the beauty, magic, intelligence and essence of elephants through photography. This book contains over 130 colour images of elephants.