Riding the Zeitgeist : The Hemaka Amarasuriya Story

Riding the Zeitgeist : The Hemaka Amarasuriya Story

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ISBN : 978-955-38957-0-7
Author : Savithri Rodrigo
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An award-winning media personality, Savithri Rodrigo has been active in print and electronic media for well over three decades. A corporate writer, media trainer, news anchor, reporter and interviewer, she has authored several books, including her most recent biography, 'They Call Him Ken - the Life and Times of Ken Balendra', in addition to award-winning reports and publications. 


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Hemaka Amarasuriya

He is a revolutionary,  but not the violent kind. 

Instead, Hemaka Amarasuriya transformed corporate Sri Lanka's method of thinking, asserting a quiet firmness that soon became his trademark style. Hemaka Amarasuriya is arguably Sri Lanka's 'intrapreneurship' pioneer, propelling the sewing machine and its brand to heights unknown and horizons unimagined. Singer Sri Lanka is now a case study for marketing and branding experts: Philip Kotler himself uses Singer Sri Lanka as a glowing example of a successful company that was always ahead of the curve. Amassing accolades for his unfettered thought processes that built teams, brands and portfolios, Hemaka remains in the lead as an undisputed Marketing Guru. He is renowned for marrying an unorthodox management style with non-conformist team building and revolutionary leadership approaches that are today tangibly visible within not just Singer Sri Lanka, NDB and Sri Lanka Insurance which he spearheaded, but also in the past on the sports grounds, be it cricket, rugby, hockey or motorsports.

However, this is not merely a story about a brain ticking continually, pioneering pathways and charting new journeys; it is the story of an individual who faced highs and lows at work and at home. Yet, the 5'11" mogul continues to stand tall and proud, wielding an indomitable strength that is always visible, riding the times at full gallop and indelibly inking history, all the while leading, motivating, mentoring, guiding, and most significantly, pioneering.