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ISBN : 978-955-5054-22-5
Author : Michael Meyler
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Michael Meyler is a teacher of colloquial Sinhala and Tamil for beginners. He first came to Sri Lanka in 1985 as an English language teacher. For 15 years he taught the popular Sinhala beginners' class at the British Council in Colombo. He is the author of A Dictionary of Sri Lankan English (2007), and SET: a trilingual dictionary of colloquial Sinhala, English and Tamil (2013).


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Perera Hussein Publishing House

SET is an indispensable tool for anyone wishing to gain a basic knowledge of simple colloquial Sinhala and/or Tamil. It is both an informative introduction to Sri Lanka's three languages, and an invaluable reference work for the elementary learner.

SET introduces a simple colloquial form of Sinhala and Tamil in a practical and user-friendly format. Sinhala and Tamil scripts are included, alongside a unique phonetic system designed to make the pronunciation of both languages as clear as possible. Supplementary notes provide further information on areas such as foods, festivals and family relationships. Usage notes explain grammar points such as noun endings, pronouns, forming questions and negatives, etc. And verb tables at the end of the book list the different forms of 100 common Sinhala and Tamil verbs.

Further information, together with sample pages from the book, can be found on the website www.mirisgala.net