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That Easter Sunday

That Easter Sunday

That Easter Sunday

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ISBN : 978-624-95787-0-8
Author : Nadishka Aloysius
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Nadishka Aloysius is a teacher, actor, author, and blogger. Being a teacher of Drama and English Language with 20 years experience, and a mother of two little sons who love story time, she finds inspiration in the little everyday details of life. Ronan's Dinosaur, her debut novel, was shortlisted for the State Literary Awards in 2019


Follow in the footsteps of Vibhu, a little church mouse, as he remembers a difficult time in his life.

Vibhu and his friends are caught up in the Easter Sunday bomb attack in Sri Lanka as they observe the Mass from their mouse hole. Amid the chaos, Vibhu realizes that his best friend, Seha, is missing. He makes his way through the debris and faces many obstacles in his search for his missing friend. In the end, Vibhu learns to deal with tragedy, loss, and grief.

The story recalls the events of that tragic day and the aftermath of the attacks through the eyes of these little mice. It ensures that those who lost their lives will never be forgotten. The story will give both children and adults who read it closure and strengthen their faith in humanity.

"The linguistic style is simple yet expressive of the fear and sadness that gripped everyone on that occasion, and the sentiments of sorrow and sharing that animated their minds and hearts. Yet, the author shows how this saddest experience challenged everyone to aspire for the noblest of goals in life: the resolve to rise from the ashes of tragedy to true fraternity, care, and concern for others." ~ His Eminence Malcom Cardinal Ranjith

100% of profits to the victims of the Easter Sunday attacks