The Last Latte

The Last Latte

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ISBN : 978-955-9433-81-1
Author : Dilshan Boange
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Dilshan Boange has over the past decade, authored fiction, nonfiction as well as poetry. A former TV broadcaster, a features writer for Sunday Observer, and an Attorney–at–Law, he holds a BA in English (Hons.) from the University of Colombo, and is an alumnus of Sri Lanka Law College. The Last Latte is his fifth book.

What would happen to Sri Lanka if the region's two biggest nuclear and economic powers, India and China went to war? As a keen observer and insightful commentator on South Asian current affairs, Dilshan Boange writes a credible fiction woven around the dynamic region with authority and eloquence. For readers genuinely interested in how the region views India, The Last Latte is a gripping must-read!


“An intriguing and somewhat alarmingly plausible vision of a dystopian Colombo.” - Ashok Ferrey