The Leaves of Eden Fall

The Leaves of Eden Fall

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ISBN : 978-624-5702-08-4
Author : Jeremy Muller
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Jeremy Muller grew up in Kandy, is an author and publisher, and also an entrepreneur. He has been in the hospitality industry, a free-lance journalist, and an ad-man. He continues the legacy of his father, the late Carl Muller, with the publication house, The Jam Fruit Tree, which he and his father started together in 2011. He lives in Colombo with his wife and three daughters.

"Everyone has at least one fear. You might be afraid of the dark or being alone, enclosed spaces or spiders . Everyone is afraid of something. In horror stories, our nightmares are brought to life in a way that we can control. You can pull back from it if it gets too fearful. We can't do much about the things that scare us in real life, but when reading, we can close the book or scroll past a post to exhibit some level of control. This is why I love horror, and also why I write it."