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Motorcycling Adventures In Sri Lanka

Motorcycling Adventures In Sri Lanka

Motorcycling Adventures In Sri Lanka

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Michael is an International Author, Traveller, Adventurer, Entrepreneur, Corporate Trainer, Consultant and Motorcycle Tour Operator. He has travelled extensively in over 10 different countries and has ridden over a hundred thousand kilometres in Sri Lanka, The USA, Australia, Thailand and India. He resides in Sydney when he is not travelling and riding motorcycles overseas.


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Bay Owl Press

Join Michael Rohan Sourjah on his motorcycle adventures around the world. Get on to a legendary Royal Enfield and let yourself be guided to the far corners of Sri Lanka, exploring everything this amazing country has to offer.

Ride to the ancient cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa and marvel at ancient ruins and reservoirs; get on fantastic motorcycling roads that take you through majestic mountains, extensive tea plantations, forests and lovely waterfalls; cruise along the coast to explore imposing colonial military forts; relax on clean sandy beaches and visit old temples, kovils, churches and mosques; join wildlife safaris to watch elephants, leopards, birds, whales and dolphins and combine all of this with a variety of delicious food and drinks from different cultures that make up the hodgepodge of people living on the island.