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Return To Sri Lanka

Return To Sri Lanka

Return To Sri Lanka

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ISBN : 978-93-5345-060-1
Author : Razeen Sally
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Razeen Sally was born to a Sri Lankan Muslim father and a Welsh mother. He grew up in Colombo and completed his later schooling and university studies in the UK. His academic and advisory work has taken him around the world, but, in his early forties, he felt Sri Lanka callng him back for the first time since childhood. He has spent the last decade travelling all around the island


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Juggernaut Books

A poignant travel memoir that tells the story of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka seemed like a version of paradise to Razeen Sally as a child, but conflict was soon to follow, tearing the family apart and severing their bond with Sri Lanka.

Return to Sri Lanka is the story of a twenty-first century reconciliation between Sally, now an academic and political adviser, and the land of his birth. A travel memoir with deep political concerns, it is a book full of spellbinding beauty and moving insight, from a writer who is a native, a tourist, both and neither.