Wedded to Asia

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ISBN : 978-955-8736-08-1
Author : Hélène Honnorat
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Having worked in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia and Central America, Hélène Honnorat now lives in France. Before Wedded to Asia (memoir), she published a number of novels- including Poids de naissance, news stories and articles, under her own name or a pseudonym. One of the novels was adapted as a TV series.


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Perera Hussein Publishing House

French expatriate, exotic husband, half-caste children, a volatile mix!

For him, civilization meant Buddhism, whisky and driving on the left. Away from home, neither Europe, nor the Caribbean, nor any other landmass in the Indian Ocean could compare to his own shimmering island.

For her, being packed off to all four corners of the world was like an intoxicating elixir, to be taken without moderation.

This is the story of a ménage à trois: Hélène, Upali... and Asia.