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Doomsday: an Uncle Arthur Mystery

Uncle Arthur the lovable amateur detective does it again!

Uncle Arthur the lovable amateur detective does it again! Arthur driving through wild country is caught in a torrential downpour and is forced to take a detour. His host for the night is a man who is straddled with a deep personal dilemma, an imposter, who traps Arthur into an unsuspecting diabolica plot; betrayal of a childhood companion. Who exactly was Malcom, whose strange pronouncement predicting his own demise on a precise date draws Arthur deeper into a web of intrigue and deception? The setting is colonial Ceylon, 1945, just at the conclusion of hostilities. The lovable Arthur stumbles along, in relentless pursuit of the improbably and unravels, the intricate plot strand by strand, the end reached by an amazing coincidence.

Here, ... is Uncle Arthur – quite a king of his own making, who, with dogged determination, binds together the threads of a story that carries all the suspense, adventure and mystery that the author has so devotedly pieced together – The Nation

Prof Mahasara Gunaratne, though a distinguished medicine man, writes in beautiful English and is extremely fond of mystery in a colonial history setup, as evidenced from his writing in two books. Like Sir Coonan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, Gunaratne has created a character named Arthur in his series of mystery fiction. I enjoyed his two books which took me back to my enjoyment of such fiction as a teenager – K S Sivakumaran

Mahasara Gunaratne is a medical professor, senior Commonwealth Fellow and academic historian. Born in 1934 he experienced life during the latter part of what is called colonial Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) and World War ll.


₨. 750/-
Author Mahasara Gunaratne
Pages 171
ISBN 978-955-1723-15-6
Published by Perera Hussein Publishing House